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Accreditation Significance - Why should you pick an Accredited Institute?

October 09, 2016

Till date you must have heard a lot of times about accredited degrees and accredited schools! But have you ever pondered, why is it taken so seriously and why is it so important? Well, it is mandatory by the Government of United States as well as of other countriesthat you pick an accredited school to earn your degree, especially if you are earning a degree online! Majority of online schools are simply diploma mills that are not accredited and hence, you end up with anon-recognized degree, which ultimately is not accepted anywhere in the world.

Many among you are still unaware of accreditation’s real significance and hence, fall upon the non-recognized schools, just to save few pennies! Read below to learn about this stamp of approval i.e. accreditation’s significance and its impact on credit transfers, acceptance, employability and financial aid.

  1. Accreditation actually assures you and the rest that the degree you have earned or you are earning, is from a recognized university/college that has employed highly qualified and experienced faculty members.
  2. Also, accreditation justifies that the programs offered are up to the set standards of education, having the right tools and technology and has implied standard admission and recruitment policies.
  3. You can easily gauge the performance of a university if it’s accredited.
  4. Credits can easily be transferred from an accredited institute to other recognized universities or colleges. Accreditation facilitates credit transfer.
  5. If you are an employer, you can easily verify the validity of an accredited degree that whether the candidate is qualified.
  6. Top and reputed employers only seek to employ candidates who have earned their degree from an accredited university or college, whether they have earned it from a campus based or online school.
  7. Also, if your degree is from an accredited institute it assists employers to evaluate your tuition reimbursement program.
  8. Also, graduates of an accredited school can apply for all sorts of certification exams.
  9. Graduate of an accredited institute gets a strong base for eligibility of federal student assistance.
  10.  If you are a student of an accredited institute, you can then easily apply for grants and loans.