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USHLC Publishes Quality Audit Report for 5 Accredited Universities in United States

October 02, 2016

United States Higher Learning Commissionhas published their quality audit report on 5 of its accredited universities that are operating in United States of America. This report has been published after carefully examining these universities’ past five year performance.
As USHLC’s prime responsibility is to ensure that all the best accredited educational institutes of Americamust integrate the internationally followed practices, therefore, it encourages them to consistently enhance their quality. Recently, United States Higher Learning Commission performed quality audit of 5 accredited universities, which is an internationally accepted process to help educational institutes in their advancement efforts.
As per the published quality audit report, the 5 accredited universities are following the internationally acclaimed standards of education and are up to the set accreditation standards. Highlighted briefly beloware the key areas in which these 5 universities have adhered to the compliance and have responded positively to the changes over the period of time. Hence, the conclusion of this audit report is that these universities till date proves it’s standing in the list of accredited universities of USA:

  1. These universities religiously follow their state mission and for this reason, they consistently evaluate the competence of their resources, faculty and also, the effectiveness of their operations. 
  2. These universities regular self-asses their activities and policies, so that they can document their aptitude of completing their mission, objectives and values through their program offerings, student services, whether they are educating students via brick and mortar classes or online.
  3.  Consistent assessments and documentation of planning methods, outcome assessment, course materials, resource allocation, policies, practices and learning methodologies are done by these universities. They assure that all these things are in accordance to the current standards and effective. Also, these assessments help them to incorporate necessary changes for betterment.
  4. These universities keep themselves updated with the latest educational demands and trends, employer requirements and new patterns, as it assists them to train and develop their students and faculty members. Their students are thus, well-trained to give their best performance in the competitive professional world.
  5. They have integrated the most up-to-date technologies to provide outclass learning experience.